‘Living’ – Antwerpen

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For the project named ‘Living’ we were asked to design a residential building on an individually chosen location in the area ‘Het Eilandje’ in Antwerp. The residential building had to accommodate at least six apartments, including a penthouse and a temporary housing type and the ground floor had to contain a public function.

For the location of the residential building I chose a spot at the ‘Oude Dokken’, to be exact a corner plot oriented to the south and west and enclosed by the ‘Napoleonkaai’ on both sides. This corner plot offers a magnificent view of the ‘Willemdok’, whose quays also border on the monumental ‘Felixpakhuis’ that has been converted to the City Archives and the new ‘Museum Aan de Stroom’ (MAS). In combination with the marina in the ‘Willemdok’, the area surrounding the residential building is a vibrant location.

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