Internship – Dreessen Architecten

Internship – Dreessen Architecten




The main thing I’ve learned during my internship at ‘Dreessen Architecten’, is that architecture and the profession of architect is definitely my future. The interaction with clients, contractors, constructors and colleagues and the process of design including all these parties in the various projects were very interesting and educational to me. This experience has made me aware of and especially enthused on what I can expect of the work and approach in an architectural firm once I have completed my education.

At ‘Dreessen Architecten’ I was able to further develop myself in the architectural and engineering discipline, with the help of my internship supervisors.  I learned to think in a less complex way about architectural matters and due to the degree of liberty and autonomy I had in my activities I became more familiar with the profession. Furthermore I had the opportunity to further develop the competence of creating 3D-visualizations. All these experiences together provided me with a more complete feeling for and knowledge of architectural design and the profession of architect. Developments that were of great help to me during the graduation process of my master Architecture at Eindhoven University of Technology.


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