‘The Next Level’ – Seraing

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Having the city of Seraing, as it exists today, destroy itself a fresh start and escaping. Those are the key words and principles of my approach to the project ‘The Wall’ in Seraing.

The chosen location, the old coal conveyors of the steel industry in the heart of Seraing, provides an excellent opportunity to achieve these principles. Inspired by the futuristic plans of Archigram, as proposed in known examples as ‘Plug-in City’ and ‘Walking City’ and the Kasbah and Cube Houses designed by Piet Blom, the plan emerged to leave the ground level of the city of Seraing and to go and live above the streets, leaving the city of Seraing in damnation; ‘the Next Level’.

The population leaves the degraded city and enters, from various central locations, the network of the old coal conveyors. These old coal conveyors are used as an infrastructural aorta, a main access equipped with fast moving walkways that transport people from A to B and from which branches arise that provide access to flexible and expandable structures for various facilities.

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