‘CASA800’ – Rotterdam

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‘CASA800’ –

Following the example of the CASA400 hotel in Amsterdam, a hotel that combines permanent hotel rooms with temporary hotel rooms, which in the low season (from the months October to May) transform to rooms for student housing, it is now Rotterdam’s turn. Therefore between ‘Schouwburgplein’, ‘Mauritsplaats’, ‘Westersingel’ and ‘de Doelen’ ‘CASA800’ will erect, a hotel with with 800 rooms and 15 conference rooms based on the same principle as in Amsterdam. In the same complex a cinema, homes, offices, design units, shops and restaurants will be realized. Beneath ground level a parking lot, providing enough parking spaces for the various functions in the complex, will be created.

The design of the complex, in the shape of a snail shell, symbolizes the concept of motion. Referring to the city of Rotterdam as well as the square in front of the complex, which are always dynamic and changing and therefore in motion.

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